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Studio Session 2: 9 Story & Brown Bag Films

90 minutes

Fri, Mar 25th

12:30PM - 2:00PM

What is happening at Brown Bag Studio? Meet Brown Bag Films’ Head of Animation, Head of Design and the Technical Director for Rigging to learn how they lead these departments in an exclusive round table discussion. Find out more about upcoming projects and participate in the Q&A section at the end of the presentation!

Adrian Hansen is the Head of Animation at Brown Bag Films. Adrian was previously an Animation Director at Guru Studios. Trained in both CG and traditional media, he brings a wealth of animation and industry knowledge from directing, leading and animating at various studios, as well as at the Max The Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design.

Daryl Parmejo is the 2D Rigging Technical Director at Brown Bag Films. Daryl joined Brown Bag Films back in 2016 as a rigger on The Magical School Bus Rides Again before becoming a rigging supervisor on Nature Cat season three, and later Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, Let’s Go Luna, and many more. He likes the challenge of finding ways to improve rigs, working closely with the animation team and programming to help develop custom Harmony tools!

Natasha Sacis is the Head of Art and Design at Brown Bag Films. Natasha has been at the Studio since 2017, as an Art Director on Let’s Go Luna! Prior to Brown Bag, she was an Art Director for various projects at Pipeline Studios and has extensive experience in animation, game and product design.

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