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The Birth

3 minutes

A new year crash-landed on the world and somehow it seemed that the fear of the pandemic had taken a backseat. With travel opening up and vaccination starting, hope had arrived but the dangers of Covid 19 still loomed large. It was time to sit back and reflect on the year gone by. It was also the time to deliver on the promises the global citizens defying borders took during the height of the pandemic in 2020. The world needed saving, and the only ones who could do that is the 7.7 billion people that reside in it. This animation film is a reminder of the various oaths we took to give birth to a better world. A new year shouldn’t in any way divert our attention to what is still happening, what had happened and what is needed to be done at this point of time. As responsible individuals we mustn’t forget and we shouldn’t forget. This is the only world we have and it’s up to us to make it clean, green and safer…for the generations to come. That is our only hope…and probably our last chance as well.


Arjun Mukherjee



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