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Where: Online

When: November 11-13, 2021

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Chris McPherson

Voice Actor, Freelance

Born in the tropical island paradise of Jamaica, but raised in the diverse melting pot of Ontario Canada.

As a child Chris quickly became enthralled with saturday morning cartoons, with his eyes and ears locked on the tv screen. Those shows would spark with in him the desire to one day join the ranks of those Iconic voices that entertained a generation.

With years of singing off key in a pentecostal church. He eventually developed an impressive vocal range that would lay the ground work for the many character voices he has created but also blessed with a voice bursting with soul.

Chris has had the pleasure of working on Award winning film and other diverse projects. Ranging from Commercial, Narration, Animation, Corporate, ADR and more.

With this unique work exposure. it has allowed him to bring a level of focus, drive and specific acting techniques to help breathe life into the projects of his clients.

8:00PM - 9:00PM

TAAFI Spatial Chat

Augmented Voice Actor Improv Hour

What better way to close out hopefully the last fully online animation conference than by joining in on the silliest live augmented cartoon improv hour with celebrity voice actors?!

Sean Cullen, Chris McPherson, Sunday Muse and Christian Potenza go head to head to head to head in the silliest augmented improv hour this side of the pandemic. Suggestions from the audience, check. Weird snapchat filters on the voice actors turning them into cartoons or baboons, check. Let's laugh our asses off together, apart.

We'll be viewing this show in TAAFI's Spatial Chat. Click the link to join. Have your mic and camera working to mix and mingle as we laugh the pencils right out of our hands. https://spatial.chat/s/TAAFI

With Christian Potenza Actor, Voice Actor, Infinity Forge Chris McPherson Voice Actor, Freelance Sunday Muse Voice Actor, Freelance Seán Cullen Voice Actor, Freelance

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