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Where: Online

When: November 11-13, 2021

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Thalia Lemon

Storyboard Supervisor, Freelance

New to the behind the scenes of TAAFI, Thalia is a 10 year industry veteran with a passionate enthusiasm for all things cartoon, and a resume that includes the Willoughby's, Addams Family 2, My Little Pony the Movie, and various TV productions.

When this west coast transplant isn't storyboarding, you can find her live-streaming on Twitch (DrawsforFun), or trying to fix her terrible posture.

5:30PM - 6:30PM

TAAFI Spatial Chat

Opening Night Reception

It's the opening night of TAAFI's Industry Conference and what better way to kick things off than with a virtual reception! Dust off your tux, pantsuit or ballgown and strut your stuff on the red carpet for a selfie screen grab.

Mix and mingle with fellow attendees, have a drink from your fridge, and watch TAAFI Programming Ace Thalia Lemon draw some emoji's live for our Discord Server. It will be a weird kind of awesome. See you there for a special hour of power before things kick off with Lindsey Olivares. Click this LINK to join the Reception in Spatial Chat. You'll need to upload a photo of yourself, and use your camera and mic. https://spatial.chat/s/TAAFI

At 6pm we'll have a cheers to kick things off right with everyone in the space. So have your bubbly (a real one) handy. 🍻🥂

Also if you just want to watch, check out our news page at 5:30pm to just livestream it. https://taafi.com/news

With Barnabas Wornoff Creative Producer, Smiley Guy Studios - Chair & co-founder, TAAFI Thalia Lemon Storyboard Supervisor, Freelance

9:00PM - 11:00PM

TAAFI Discord

Opening Night Networking: Games Night!

It's opening night of TAAFI Industry, and what better way to rub elbows with fellow attendees than by beating the pants off them in one of five (5) different games rooms in TAAFI's own boppin' Discord Server. Join Gamesmaster Quinn and your fellow TAAFI attendees for an evening of gaming fun. Classic games from Pictionary to animation based Trivia. We'll be running Jackbox, get ready for something Drawful, a broken-telephone of animation called Gartic Phone, or join the taboo room for a round of Cards Against Humanity. 😡

There's no wrong choice, except not coming. That's clearly the wrong choice.

See ya after the amazing WIA Panel in the 🎲TAAFI Discord.

With Joel & Spencer Creators - Animators - Drinkers, Freelance Weenies Thalia Lemon Storyboard Supervisor, Freelance

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