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Where: Toronto Reference Library & Online

When: November 2-4, 2023

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Toon Boom Presents: Behind-the-Scenes of Duke's Game

Fri, Nov 11th

2:30PM - 3:15PM

Online: Crowdcast

To mark the release of both Storyboard Pro 22 and Harmony 22, Toon Boom Animation commissioned the team at Mercury Filmworks to produce an original animated short film using the latest versions of our software. Mercury Filmworks is an animation studio which specializes in high-quality animation made using 2D rigs, and is widely known for their work on award-winning series such as Hilda and Kid Cosmic. For this new short, titled The Duke's Game, the team at Mercury Filmworks was given full creative freedom. Hear from directors Shane Plante and Collin Tsandilis, and Production Manager Tim Chapman on the process and making of the commercial Duke's Game.


Collin Tsandilis, Director, Mercury Filmworks

Collin Tsandilis is one of the co-directors of Duke’s Game. Collin has worked at Mercury Filmworks for over 10 years. Currently, Collin is the director for an upcoming adult animated series.

Before this, he was Assistant Director on Kid Cosmic and If you Give a Mouse a Cookie which won a 'Gold Award' from the Parent's Choice Foundation 2020, and received an Emmy nomination for "Best Animated Preschool Program" in 2018. Prior, he worked as an Animation Supervisor on Atomic Puppet, Penn Zero, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Wander Over Yonder. He also was an animator on the 2019 Oscar-winning short Hair Love.


Mike Schnier, Social Media and Content Manager, ToonBoom

Mike Schnier is Toon Boom Animation's social media and content manager. He also hosts livestream panel discussions about film and animation.


Shane Plante, Director, Mercury Filmworks

Shane Plante is a Senior Animator, Director, Compositor, and Sound Engineer all in one - a jack of all trades; master of none! Currently floating around the Animation Department at Mercury Filmworks, he's been known to crawl out of his cave to push the limits of Harmony here and there... when the conditions are just right that is... this loud-mouthed maniac is way into Heavy Metal music, Dungeons and Dragons, and travelling into the future to save human-kind.

LONG live the LOUD!


Tim Chapman, Production Manager, Mercury Filmworks

Tim Chapman is a Production Manager at Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa, Canada. Tim has been a part of Mercury Filmworks since 2018, working on projects such as If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Kid Cosmic, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, and The Ghost and Molly McGee, among others. Most recently, he was the Production Manager in charge of the Duke’s Game short, which was a collaborative effort between Mercury Filmworks and ToonBoom.

Tim has a background in Business Management, and a passion for filmmaking that led him to the Animation industry. He hasn’t looked back since.


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