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Where: Toronto Reference Library & Online

When: November 2-4, 2023

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Clone High Comes Back!

Sat, Nov 4th

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Epic Hall

“Way way back in early oughties…” There was a show called Clone High. It only got one season but inspired a devoted cult following that continues to this day. And now, like all the cartoons that ended too soon-- it's back and better then ever! Better yet; it's worked on by our good friends over at Jam Filled!

Join us for a special in-depth look with animation director Ray Ocampo, background supervisor Brian Woods, production manager Meagan Borosch, and animation supervisor Kristin Handley, as they tell us just how they unthawed these frozen Clones and brought them back to our screens-- and our hearts!


Kristin Handley, Animation Supervisor, Jam Filled Entertainment

Kristin Handley has been in the animation industry since 2005. With experience in Traditional, 2D Flash and Harmony Animation, as well as 3D Animation, she has been able to work in all four disciplines in studios across Ontario. Kristin has been a proud member of the Jam Filled team for the past 7 years, working as an Animation Supervisor on several of their top-rated shows including; Final Space, The Casagrandes, A Tale Dark and Grimm, We Lost Our Human and Clone High.


Meagan Borosch, Production Manager, Jam Filled Entertainment

Meagan has been part of Jam Filled's Toronto production team for seven years - some of her projects include A Tale Dark & Grimm, Final Space, and Clone High. She is currently working on Dino Ranch.


Ray Ocampo, Animation Director, Jam Filled

Ray graduated from Ottawa's Algonquin College animation program in 1999.  He began working as a traditional key animator on children's television series such as "Tales From The Cryptkeeper", and "Franklin The Turtle".  In 2003, he started his career as a digital animator.  He continued to work on kids shows such as "Carl Squared" and "The Cat In The Hat".  In the span of a decade, he had worked for half a dozen studios in Ottawa. producing work as a character designer, and traditional and digital animator.  In 2011, he joined Jam Filled Entertainment as a character animator working on "Camp Lakebottom".  He started work as an animation supervisor for Jam Filled in 2015 on "The Loud House", and continued to supervise until 2019.  At this time, he became an animation director for Jam Filled.  He has directed "Final Space", "The Casagrandes", and "Clone High".


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