Shorts 3: The Oddball Collection

Step right up! Step right up! Come see this collection of shorts that are sure to give you nightmares for days. Dare to gaze upon the hunter who who becomes the hunted. The wolf who is hounded by villagers for crimes he didn’t commit. Plus evil clowns. Oh yes, what is an oddball collection without evil clowns. This program is not for the faint of heart.


Where I Was Born

Sitting through rush hour traffic, people smoking in public places, enduring pain by waxing our legs, required company staff gatherings after work. Through these short, humorous vignettes, one presents a critique of the diverse social issues permeating throughout South Korean culture

Directors: Jungmin Cha
Country: USA


A teenager wants to act like a superhero. As he tries to make justice he finds himself facing his real desires

Directors: Zheping Xu , Marie de Durat , Antoine Vinceneux , Mathieu Corbin , Thomas Koo Seen Lin
Country: France

Waldo's Dream

Waldo’s Dream tells the story of Waldo Joy, a man tormented by the horrible birth malformation of his only son, grief that he tries to leave behind through the construction of a huge amusement park named “Happyland”, to controlling the world under his own utopia of order and beauty.

Directors: Santiago O’Ryan, Jose Ignacio Navarro, Jorge Campusano
Country: Chile

The Hunter

Man hunts for dinner at the forrest but things don’t go as planned

Directors: Jari Vaara
Country: Japan

While You're Asleep (My Weird Dreams Happen)

Collection of extremely short animations based on actual events lived in the realm of the subconscious

Directors: Adrian Quintero Marmol Martinez
Country: Mexico

Hideouser And Hideouser

Every day is the same but hideouser and hideouser. The soundtrack of this subject has been assembled with bits from movies that belong to the public domain.

Directors: Aria Covamonas
Country: Mexico


A hungry wolf gets stuck in stereotypes about being the big bad wolf of the story. She has to flee when everybody accuses her of violence and murder.

Directors: Zahra Rostampour
Country: Iran

The Magic Lantern

Not ready to leave his childhood bedhin, Pieck – an 11 year-old boy – creates an imagined world that serves as an escape from reality. Barnaby’s Magic Carnival of Marvels, is a reflection of Pieck’s innermost fears and desires and everything is perfect. However, when confronted with the choice to stay or leave, will Pieck go back to face the realities of growing up or will be become a Fan-Fairren kid and stay in the Carnival forever

Directors: Youp Zondag, Mariana Ospina
Country: Canada

Death Van

The fictious space-rock duo DEATH VAN tours through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures that are haunted and terrorized by a menacing and mischievous entity


A survivor of the great war that devastated the planet Earth alongside with a Cyborg and a little ambulance-robot will overcome danger and desolation in order to find hope in between all the destruction

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