Shorts 4: Flights of Imagination

Visual treats and legendary tales highlight this collection of films. Award winning stories featuring ghost girls, dark magic and a science fiction fable following a group of explorers in space. And bugs! But they are cute bugs so it’s okay.


A lonely ghost girl, longing to cross over, befriends a mysterious phantom limb

Directors: Jennifer Stachovic
Country: USA

Flying Octopus

Nestled deep among the coral reefs of the seabed, a lonely Octopus toils away in his underwater workshop. REZZ has been sending him messages in bottles containing blueprints to help him construct an Exonautilus – a huge fish like flying machine so that he may join her on the planet Neptune, except he can’t do it alone.

Directors: Aoife Doyle, Stefan Grambart
Country: Ireland


Athru is a film about a mother’s journey to save her son from the clutches of dark magic. It’s a fantasy/action film taking place in an old Celtic world. With her companion rabbit by her side, she will come face to face with a dangerous Wytch and secrets will be revealed

Directors: Miranda Quesnel
Country: Canada

The Fox

A young fox on the verge of experiencing the first love gets trapped by a hunter. The Hunter ties his dog collar bell on the fox’s neck and leaves her in the wood. Which leads the Fox to begin their effort to survive, love and plot revenge.

Directors: Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh
Country: Iran


Equipoise, inspired by the Chinese philosophy of “Yin & Yang”, the two opposing principles in nature.

Directors: Simo Liu
Country: USA

Bone Mother

Who dares to disturb the devil’s grandmother and enter her slumbering house of bones? Who is foolish enough to betray this immortal nature-spirit? Baba Yaga holds the answers you need, but are they the answers you seek?

Directors: Dale Hayward, Sylvie Trouve
Country: Canada


After an ambush, the warrior Yari regrets her failure to protect her friend. An evil spirit appears to steal what’s left of the battle, and Yari will have to fight once again.

Directors: Breno Rohr and Eduardo Bruekers
Country: Brazil

Bygone Bugs

For thousands of years, pillbugs have lifted water from distant lands. This time, however, one young pillbug slips from atop his pirate airship to the desert surface below and must confront the very mud beings they burgle.

Directors: Barnabas Wornoff
Country: Canada

The Jade Recollection

A runaway stumbles upon a flute player in a bamboo forest. An intense fight begins, during which they will discover they are connected by the history of a jade’s jewellery

Directors: Wenpai Song, Lanyibo Dong, Camille De Landtsheer
Country: France


Daisy is a young girl who is being cared by Ben, a robot during wartime. After a bomb attack, Daisy vanishes. This begins Bens’ search for her

Directors: Yu Yu
Country: Taiwan


“Wawatay” is an Oji-Cree word that translates as “the Northern Lights”. The film is an indigenous-led animated short film made in partnership with the Seneca Summer institute and First Peoples At Seneca. The film explores the relationship between the living stories of the Anishnnabe people and the journey of connecting to them. In creating a story that offers an introduction to their culture and teachings, the filmmakers encourage people to partake of the Annishnaabe experience.

Directors: Neil Affleck
Country: Canada

Space Between Stars

Space Between The Stars is a science fiction fable which follows a group of ethereal cratures exploring a derelict space station. As they’re drawn out into the vast, unsettling environment and their fate begins to crystalize, questions are raised about the nature and ambiguity of conflict

Directors: Samuel W. Bradley
Country: Canada

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