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Where: Online

When: November 11-13, 2021

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Toronto Animation / VFX Job Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my pass include?

Your TAAFI INDUSTRY PASS includes three (3) days of pure inspiration beamed straight into your face!

  • Take part in the chat running along side the stream, share emojis 🙂, say hi from home!
  • Jump into the Q n A for the last 15 minutes of each talk.
  • Access to the TAAFI Discord Server. A chatroom built to mix and mingle before, during and after the event. Sponsored by Collective Arts Brewery.
  • Mix and mingle every night in our Drink n' Draw voice and text channels. See big name artists drawing live!
  • Three months access to all of the presentations and talks afterwards!
  • Access to our Virtual Networking space Saturday Night.
  • An escape from the outside world for a weekend.

Can I attend this event from anywhere in the world?


Is everything recorded and available after the event?

We will be recording 100% of the presentations and Q&As. As an attendee, you’ll be able to access these recordings for three months after the event.

What’s the time zone for this event?

The event will be held in the Eastern Standard time zone (EST).

Where can I view the full schedule?

What the hell is online? Where is the event taking place?

You will be receiving an email with instructions 2 days before the event.

We will be using 3 different platforms for the conference and social events:

  • Talks and Panels will be streaming from Crowdcast
  • Discord for hanging out
  • Spatial Chat for The Saturday Night Networking Social
  • *sponsor activations may require zoom or meet or whatever platform they might use.

How will this differ from the in-person event?

Our goal is to provide you with the closest thing to the real live TAAFI experience, short of being sounded by hoards of damp but eager staafi.

You can bet on some of the worlds top professionals to be in attendance, and being able to mix and mingle in real time with attendees and speakers alike.

What will the format be like?

The event covers Thursday night till Saturday night.

The format includes 45 minute presentations followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A. There will also be 15 minute breaks between speakers and extended afternoon breaks each day with sponsor activations.

How will I be kept engaged?

During every presentation, you’ll have the ability to join in the live chat, ask questions to the speakers using a special Q&A feature, and connect with other attendees via the TAAFI Discord Server. The Saturday Night Networking Social is going to be awesome!

How can I contact you to ask additional questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us any time at info@taafi.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What is a Discord?

It’s a little like a chatroom with themed text and voice channels. Like “Industry Social”, “Community Hangout”, The Pub, etc.

How do I Discord?

Install it or use the web browser. CLICK THIS LINK to go there now. Create an account, choose a photo of yourself for an icon, put your name in there, and make sure your mic and camera are working if you need them. 

When you log in you’ll only see one channel. You have to unlock the server by clicking one of the coloured buttons under the choose your rank. It’s locked so random internet bots don’t spam the channels. Maybe that’s a thing, I don’t really know?

How do you unlock it?

It's easy, in this menu inside the 🚂Welcome-Wagon chat, click below to "react" and that will give you the roll of 🟨Professional, 🌲Student, or 🔴Attendee.

This is like a Conference Nametag. Now you’re all set!

Snoop around, join some voice channels. Comment on things, and come back after the festival wraps up each day and join a voice channel for the nightly drink n’ draw.

What's a TAAFI Drink n’ Draw?

Each night after TAAFI wraps, the Discord channel comes alive. Hop into a voice channel and see who’s around to draw with. Each voice channel is like a table in a pub. Draw in photoshop at home, in a sketchbook, on a napkin, use Drawpile or just chat and catch up with old or new friends.  

Tune into the 🍺🖍taafi-cinema🎬 Channel to watch some of your favourite TAAFI Conference guests draw and share screens. In these channels participants can comment in the linked chat channels, but they won’t be able to share screens or talk directly to our guests. It’s more of a broadcast, but you can ask questions in the chats and the sweaty yet helpful staafi will pick the good ones and ask our special guests. 

Also Joel Mackenzie designed two beers for Collective Arts! Check them out here!

Does you has custom Emojis?

I'm so glad you asked Trang. We has custom TAAFI emoji’s in our Discord Server. Use the colon : command to activate them while typing. 

Type :clicko: for the Joel's curser dude, or :eggo: If YOU ARE THE EGGMAN that Noam and Ali drew for last years Covid Free Industry Conference.

Lots of other ones in there too. Collect them all?! It's like Pokeymon Go?


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