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Where: Online

When: November 11-13, 2021

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Creators Conversations - Adrian and Vanessa

Fri, Nov 12th

6:45PM - 7:45PM


In conversation with Vanessa Esteves & Adrian Thatcher. Both talents really bring a unique perspective – Vanessa is a supervising producer and Adrian a director. They also created their own series, Super Wish, which is in production, and Vanessa’s screenplay Christopher and the Bug was a finalist for Hollyshorts. Their combined experience could be interesting for budding creators/writers’ and all you Industry folks!


Adrian Thatcher, Director, Series Creator and Showrunner, Nelvana

Adrian Thatcher is a Toronto based animated series director and has worked in animation for over 22 years at both, Walt Disney Television Animation and Nelvana. In 2010, Adrian won a Daytime Emmy Award for individual achievement in art direction in recognition of his work on the Nelvana series, Willa’s Wild Life. Adrian’s most recent directing credits include Ollie’s Pack, Bravest Warriors, Ranger Rob, and Oh No, It’s an Alien Invasion!.


Quinn Doherty, Assistant Community Manager, TAAFI

A recent graduate of Centennial College’s Children’s Media Program, Quinn has spent many years volunteering at TAAFI and has joined as official STAAFI in 2021. He has a great love of animation and in particular the writing and production side of the industry while also keeping his visual arts skills strong. When he isn’t assisting the social media or organizing community game nights you can find him pondering life’s great questions or watching silly internet videos, y’know one of the two.


Vanessa Esteves, Supervising Creative Producer, Series Creator and Showrunner, Nelvana

Vanessa Esteves is a supervising creative producer, writer, content creator and showrunner with a passion for storytelling. Having over 17 years experience in the animation industry, Vanessa has worked in multiple genres with a strong focus on bridge-preschool and comedy. Vanessa has most recently overseen Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe, Max & Ruby and Ranger Rob along with Nelvana’s own series of digital music videos, Toon Bops and is currently showrunning Super Wish, a comedy series that she co-created. When she’s not helping create animated content, she is often found watching it alongside the audience, her two young kids.


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