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Pendleton Ward Live Poutine Mukbang and Joke Lecture!! One is Real!!

Barnabas Wornoff | Nov 2, 2022

I'm pretty stoked to hear what Toronto's opening guest Pendleton Ward has to say about joke theory.

He CREATED Adventure Time while he was in college at Cal Arts with J.G. Quintel and Alex Hirsh. No biggie.
And most recently directed the psychedelic interview show Midnight Gospel for Netflix.

His talk at TAAFI will explore .. "The birth of a giggle, the moon-like suck and swell of timing, how to ostracize and how to firehose candy with jokes - these topics will be stabbed at from the shadows by Pendleton on Thursday..."

When I pitched Pen on coming, he wondered if his diagrams would be ready in time.

I like the idea of diagrams.

Pen also was lured to talk at our ๐Ÿ Animation Festival because of our tasty poutine, and thus, I think explains the last line of his description.

"A deconstruction of humor pulled out of my poutine days before the talk. BE THERE!"

We are super lucky to have Pen grace our screens to kick things off Thursday night for the ONLINE portion of our Animation Industry Conference. Let's keep it clean and not get too creepy Toronto!

I also think his hands are rubber. Look at these screen grabs! He seems rubber to me!Ammiright??!

See ya online Thursday November 10th at 6:15pm ET for the perfect start to Toronto's Animation Industry Conference, A Fireside Chat with Pendleton Ward on Joke Theory.

TAAFI is a local reunion for global animation. ๐ŸŸ

Our Animation Industry Conference starts Thursday November 10th and runs till Saturday November 12th with both IN-PERSON as well as ONLINE talks, panels and presentations. Thursday night and Friday are online, but Friday night turns to IN-PERSON at a VIP mixer event sponsored by Nelvana. Then all day Saturday is IN-PERSON downtown at the Toronto Reference Library for exclusive in-person only talks followed by a party at the Artful Dodger. ๐Ÿ‘€ ya there.



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