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Friday Tip #1

Sabrina Szaczek | Apr 7, 2023

Job Fair is coming, and trying to prepare can be stressful. What do you wear? What should you put in your reel?! How do you land a job?!?! While we can't pinpoint the exact formula for employability, we can offer up some tips and tricks to help you get there. Keep an eye out on our socials every Friday for a new ideas to improve your job fair presence.

This week's Friday Tips: Have a Specialty! It's great to know a ton of stuff and have an array of skills, but studios are rarely hiring "Generalists". Pick a job, or specialty, to focus on for your portfolio, reel and resume so you can put your best foot forward with a clear direction. If you're really determined to show off all your skills, make a specialised reel or portfolio for each job you're interested in. Separate your Background work from your Animation reel, so when you find a place hiring for a Background Artist, they don't need to go through your animated works that are irrelevant to them.



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