Shorts 2: Randomness

As someone once said, life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get. In this program we highlight films that talk about the human condition, that tell us that being ourselves is okay and take a dance break with some great music. Just like life, itself.


An animated music video for Suns Of July

Directors: Brent Smith
Country: Canada

Giant Child

A deceased child refuses the call into the afterlife in hopes of comforting her grieving mother. As her mother’s grief spirals the child continues to remain unnoticed and her desperateness causes her to gro and grow, until she can no longer be ignored

Directors: Camila De Guzman
Country: Canada


Birthday tells the story of a young boy growing into adulthood. The narrative follows his life journey through his birthdays with him and his dog Hazel.

Directors: Catarina Rodrigues
Country: United Kingdom

Batik Girl

Struggling to cope after a recent tragedy, a young girl finds herself drawn into a magical world within a batik painting

Directors: Irwan Junaidy
Country: Malaysia

Quintet Of The Sunset

This stop-motion animation tells the story of Gina and her five cats, all unique and each offering different kinds of love to Gina.

Directors: Jie Went
Country: China


In 1950 Tel Aviv, a mother and her son receive a telegram with an invitation for a phone call from America. The prospects of the call spark hope for a better life in the mother’s heart while her son is busy in his own fantasy world inspired from his life in Israel.

Directors: Nadav Arbel
Country: Israel

When Your Child's Bogeyman Is Real

How do you calm your child’s fears about the bogeyman, when the bogeyman is real? Taken from the New York Times series, Conception.

Directors: Ella Dobson, Margaret Cheatham Williams
Country: USA

The Usual

A day in the life of a barman and his patron. This animated short is narrated by voice overs compiled from interviews with John B. King and Richard Burton in which they discuss their relationship with alcohol

Directors: Eabha Bortolozzo, Jack Kirwan
Country: Ireland

Simple Carnival - Go Away I Like You Too Much

An animated music video about a boy who has a crush on a girl and subsequently wants to avoid her

Directors: Jeff Boller
Country: USA

My Body

A teenage girl is staring at herself in a mirror. She doesn’t like what she sees, she looks like a monster. Maybe she should just take a step back and realize she’s not that monstrous.

Directors: Sandralee Zinzen, Nicolas Nivesse
Country: France


Black tells the story of Matteo, a young electronic music producer that realises that he can’t play music anymore because of a long blackout. While the city quickly adapts, Matteo manages to overcome his loneliness thanks to his neighbour Greta, a writer who makes him rediscover the pleasure of simple things

Directors: Sara Taigher
Country: Italy

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