Shorts 5: Comedy Tonight! THE SEQUEL

Let’s bring it back to the funny. This collection of fun films are guaranteed to put a big smile on your face at the end of a long festival. After this collection stay with us as we give out our top prizes and have the closing ceremony.

Stick around afterwards and join us for the hotly anticipated TAAFI awards ceremony following this screening. Big awards! Glitz! Glamour! Tears! Laughter!


Marcel and Andrezj are a legendary pair of mountaineers. Marcel has always taken the lead and popularity while Andrezj has played the secondary role. Now they face their bigest challenge: reaching the virgin summit of the highest mountain. In order to achieve this, they will have to overcome formidable obstacles, suffer hardships and deal with Marcel’s snoring.

Directors: Ignasi Lopez Fabregas
Country: Spain

Keep Quiet

A man shoots at the sky, which light stars. The moon is not happy.

Directors: Eugen Fadeev
Country: Russia

Cake Day

A perfectionistic cake shop owner is crafting the perfect birthday cake, when suddenly her day gets ruined by a disgusting little fly

Directors: Jeroen Koelewijn
Country: Netherlands

Not Today

Mamy, a nice little lady, has not had a visit for a long time. So when Death turns up at her door, Mamy is determined to have fun.

Directors: Marine Jacob
Country: Belgium

On My Mind

A loser-in-love’s struggle to move on is personified by a pesky crow

Directors: Shirley Zhou
Country: USA

Tooty Toothy Toothpaste

Commercial for Tooty Toothy Toothpase

Directors: Phoebe Jane Hart
Country: United Kingdom


This short film tells the story of a human living in a world full of animals. It’s his first day working as a dressmaker in a famous Haute Couture workroom but instead of doing his work, he sews a disguise that looks like different animals to hide his difference

Directors: Lea Cousty, Chloe Astier, Raphael Guez, Melanie Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez, Victoire Le Dourner
Country: France

The Cherry Brothers

The Cherry Brothers follows the adventures of two attached cherries who have completely different personalities. The wild and bold Cherry Brother is determined to attack the ant eating creature who holds ants hostage. However the other one would prefer to read his book.

Directors: Myriam L. Obin
Country: Canada

Euthanasia Pines

Directors: Tara Gordon
Country: USA

The Curious Tale Of Aunt Binks

A young girl named Abby travels to visit her dear Aunt Binks, but finds herself in a peculiar situation when her Aunt Binks is nothing like she expected

Directors: Gentle Giants
Country: Canada


A tennis ball dreams of being a famous Wimbledon tennis ball but instead finds himself the chew toy of a hyperactive puppy.

Directors: Noah Cutwright
Country: USA

Dear Satan

Always be sure to proofread your outgoing letters for typos

Directors: Lindsay Scanlan
Country: USA


A story of a man who tries to befriend his new neighbour by baking cookies. It doesn't go as planned.

Directors: Laura Stewart
Country: Canada

One Fine Day

A Grandmother prepares several different meals for the families in her life.

Directors: Seong Ho Jang
Country: Korea

I Love My CarL

Jack and his car, Carl, have a close friendship. This bond is shaken when Carl does everything he can out of jealousy to prevent Jack from going on a date.

Directors: Alina Cyranek
Country: Germany

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