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Where: Online

When: November 11-13, 2021

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Lisa Whittick

Series Director, Yowza! Animation

Lisa Whittick has spent the bulk of her 22 years in animation as a freelance storyboard artist, a position which has allowed her to work from home and raise her 3 kids without giving up the career she loves. She has always aspired to be a director, but directing seemed like an impossible goal given the in-studio hours required to do the job right. Not wanting to give up her family life so she could chase her goal, Lisa resigned herself to the fact that directing wasn't in the cards. But then along came Covid, the right project and people who were willing to give her a chance and everything changed.  

5:30PM - 6:30PM


Directing During a Pandemic

Directing is challenging enough in normal times, but how do you lead a creative team during the work-from-home times of the pandemic? What tips or tricks are they using? How do they keep crews motivated? How do they keep in touch with their team? What works and what didn't?

With Barnabas Wornoff Creative Producer, Smiley Guy Studios - Chair & co-founder, TAAFI Cory Bobiak Creative Director, Brown Bag Films Lisa Whittick Series Director, Yowza! Animation

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