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Frequently Asked Questions

So is this Job Fair in person or online?

It's completely online friend. The Pipeline Livestream is hosted on our NEWS PAGE, but the meat and potatoes of the Job Fair is on the Job Fair Discord Server.

Do I need to sign up before the event?

Yes it's recommended. That way we can gauge how many people are coming, AND give you updates and details that you couldn't get without signing up. So please register through Eventbrite.

How does it work if I want to visit a booth?

You must pop into the Job Fair Discord Server and then join a voice channel waiting room for the studio you'd like to chat with. So for instance if you want to talk to Nelvana, join their Nelvana Waiting Room🐺, and wait your turn to get a one on one meeting with Judy and the gang.

What's the difference between a Job Fair Booth and the Portfolio Review Zone?

Great question Zoe! The Job Fair Booths are primarily for Grads and Industry Professionals trying to get jobs. The Portfolio Review Zone is for both CURRENT STUDENTS and anyone looking to get their portfolio reviewed by Animation Industry Professionals.

Do I have to create an account on Discord?

Yes! If you want to attend any Booths, or Portfolio reviews you must have a Discord Account. If you just want to watch the Pipeline Live stream however you do not.

Do I have to sign up to visit a booth at a certain time?

There are no signups, just pop into the waiting room of the booth of your choice and wait your turn like a civilized human.

I'm not looking for a job, can I still attend?

Sure thing. Normally when it's in person all kinds of old animation friends show up and hang out. This time it's trickier, but we'll have a Drink & Draw you can chill at in the TAAFI Discord Server, or just see who's around.

How can I comment on the Pipeline Live stream?

Go to the News Page on our site, and you'll see a scrolling comment bar. Add your voice! But keep it clean.

What timezone does this event happen in?

Toronto time, EDT Same as New York.

What is a STAAFI?

#HAPPYSTAAFI are our league of festival volunteers. They are courteous, passionate, helpful, and slightly damp. It's fun to volunteer, especially for a great festival like TAAFI. Jooooiinnnn ussssss! email volunteers@taafi.com


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