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Where: Corus Quay, Toronto, Canada, 25 Dockside Dr.

When: Saturday to Sunday, November 2-3, 2019

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Leo Li

Concept Artist, Ubisoft Toronto

Leo Li is a concept artist and cinematic illustrator who specializes in video games and film. His initial interest in graphic novel art gave way to illustration and concept design. He has 3 AAA game credits from Ubisoft Toronto including Far Cry Primal, Watchdogs 2 and Watch Dogs Legion. As personal projects, he has big passion on working on his personal graphic novel and participated in several arts and comic book publications. His artistic skills are mainly focus on creating storytelling key art mood pieces, environmental concept art, and character design. Also visual development and storyboard are parts of his job to inspire and support other artists.

11:00AM - 12:00PM

The Spin Master Atrium Stage

Storyboarding and Concept Art for AAA Video Games

Rui and Leo will demonstrate the importance of realistic figure drawing in storyboarding for motion capture animation. This ability to rapidly create storyboards for animatic presentation helps directors better plan and project their cinematics. All of this is the foundation of standard film structure perspective and layout with the added spice of understanding lens lengths and their importance. Leo will also blow your minds and steal your hearts with his breathtaking concept designs and sketches. This kids for real.

With Leo Li Concept Artist, Ubisoft Toronto Rui Albino Storyboard Artist, Ubisoft

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